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The children working on practical life activities: wet pouring and lacing

The children working on practical life activities: wet pouring and lacing

About Sakura Valley

Our school began about 4 years ago when we decided we wanted to create a safe space where children ages 2 - 5 can laugh, learn, and grow to their hearts content. Our prepared environment is filled with Montessori materials and an outdoor garden that is filled with lots of hands-on natural learning opportunities. Click through to find out more about our school philosophy and curriculum.

About the Montessori Method


Don’t know anything about the Montessori method?

Fear not!  Many parents who enroll their students in schools and childcares that employ the Montessori method come in not knowing much about it but are blown away by the results they see in their children.  The Montessori method is a method of education developed by Italian physicist and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori.  She believed that children are naturally hungry for knowledge and by allowing them to explore a prepared environment with a hands-on approach; they will naturally absorb and fulfill this hunger for knowledge.  Montessori education truly values the education of the whole child by satisfying their physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs.


After-School Language Class

Our after School Classes…

This after-school class is a supplement to those children who already have a basic understanding of English, but wish to apply their knowledge to learn how to read and write using the Montessori method. This is not an English conversation class, but is a language enrichment course. We welcome children ages 3 to 7 years old. For more information regarding the schedule and fees,