Our Mission and Curriculum


Our Mission

Our mission here at Sakura Valley is to provide a high quality child care program while helping children to reach their potential and become independent members of society, all throughout employing the Montessori method.  We are fully committed to creating an environment that serves to the whole child and addresses his physical, social, emotional needs.  Our nurturing environment stresses the importance of peace, love, and empathy to develop a compassionate human being along with a love of learning.



Our curriculum is based on freedom of choice, integrating goals of stimulating curiosity, enhancing learning, promoting independent thinking and a positive self-concept.
We will have a special activity once a week, such as flower arrangement, cooking lessons, and/or guest musical teachers. Of course, we are fully dedicated to the Montessori methods therefore if the children choose not to participate, they will be chaperoned while choosing to do other jobs of their choice. Our curriculum is split into five sections:

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Language

  • Math

  • Cosmic

Find out more about each section by reading about the Montessori Method.