FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

The Pre-School

What makes this school different from other pre-schools?

Sakura Valley is a Montessori pre-school, which ensures that the teachers are there to follow the child. Unlike a traditional school, the curriculum covers all the essential learning building blocks, but is flexible in the sense that we cater to the child’s interest and help to fulfill their specific needs and learning styles. We are also a smaller pre-school with only 6 students a day, therefore we are able to give each child a very personalized learning experience.

what are the benefits of a mixed-age classroom?

A mixed age group allows younger children to benefit from watching the older ones as role models and at the same time older children strengthen their knowledge by helping the younger ones. This allows the children opportunities for a broad range of social interaction and self directed learning.

Is this a bi-lingual pre-school? what if our child has no prior English/Japanese experience?

We are purely an English speaking pre-school, in the sense that we will not give lessons on the Japanese language. That being said, we have many Japanese speakers who come to our school with no prior English experience, therefore sometimes the teachers will help guide these children in their native language to feel more comfortable, especially when they are brand new to the school. Your English-speaking child may come home with some new Japanese phrases, such as “Itadakimasu!” (“Thank you for the meal!”) :)

Admissions Process

Is there a formal interview/admissions test?

No, there is no formal interview, but we require all prospective families to come in for an informal meeting with the director to chat about what they are looking for in their child’s pre-school. We also give a brief explanation of who we are as a school and a classroom tour. These meetings are held after-school or on weekends if necessary. You can book a meeting here.

What are the qualifications for admission?

There are no specific qualifications, but we assess how your parenting style aligns with our philosophies, as well as your willingness to assist in your child’s development in a way that is in-line with the Montessori method.

Once Enrolled / The School Day

Do you provide lunch/snack at school?

We ask that parents provide packed lunches for the children. Snack is provided at school, and we are careful to take into consideration your child’s allergies. Snacks are usually healthy foods such as fruits, crackers, cheese, and granola.

Where is outdoor play held? Do you have a p.E. program?

We try to make time to go to the neighborhood park, but we also have a large yard outside the school where children can play soccer, toss frisbees, practice softball, etc. We do not have a formal P.E. program, but gross motor skills are things we work on during the school day either through dancing, practical life activities or during outdoor play.

Do you have any activities or school on the weekends?

We do not have classes on the weekends, but sometimes we have school parties on the weekends so that parents who work on weekdays can attend. We also occasionally have parent education days that are held on the weekend.

What do you do in case of emergencies requiring evacuation?

In an event that requires an evacuation, we are required to go to Sakurashinmachi Shougakkou (Elementary) Campus Grounds. We will keep the children there until you are able to collect your children.

Can our child have make-up days in case they are sick/we go on vacation/there is a national holiday, etc.?

We do not offer make-up days for personal reasons. The preschool does not make up days lost due to inclement weather.

Does your pre-school offer Field Trips? How do you go to these destinations?

We try to have three field trips a year based on what the children are learning. These field trips are at no extra cost to parents. We either use public transportation or the teachers’ private vehicles depending on how many children are attending.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 03-3701-1319, e-mail us at contact@sakuravalley.com or use the form on our contact page. Thank you.